Work-Related Burn Injuries

By Pyle Law, June 15 2021 9:54 am


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Work-Related Burn Injuries

By Pyle Law, June 15 2021 9:54 am
Work-Related Burn Injuries

Thousands of American workers suffer burn injuries while on the job. Some burn injuries lead to complex workers’ compensation claims, and you should learn how a Kansas workers’ compensation attorney can help to protect your rights. 

Occupational burns are common in the United States, and they happen in many industries and for many reasons.  Serious burn injuries commonly result in the need for extensive medical treatment in hospitals or burn centers, and they can leave victims with permanent disfigurement, scarring, and impairments. |

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Levels of Occupational Burns

Occupational burns come in different levels. Below are the four burn levels a worker is most likely to suffer.

  • A 1st degree burn damages the skin’s first layer.
  • A burn is classified as 2nd degree if it damages the skin’s first and second layers. Such a burn may either be superficial or serious based on its size.
  • A 3rd-degree burn damages the skin’s three layers and its underlying tissues. Such a burn requires immediate medical attention.
  • A burn is categorized as 4th degree if it damages the muscles, ligaments, bones, and tendons. Its severity depends on a victim’s health, age, the burn’s size and depth, and the injury’s location, and many of these burns are fatal.

Generally, burns that are 2nd degree or worse need professional medical attention, which should be covered by workers’ compensation if the injury happened at work. 

Causes of Work-related Burns

Many factors cause occupational burns. Some of the leading ones are as follows:

  • Fires and hot temperatures;
  • Heat from steam, boiling liquids, and other hot objects;
  • Contact with liquid, gaseous, or solid chemicals;
  • Radiation exposure to x-rays, sun lamps, or UV lights;
  • Exposure to electrical sources like wires or lightning.

How to Prevent Occupational Burn Injuries 

Fortunately, work-related burns are preventable. Employers can prevent them by observing the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recommendations below.

  • Sufficient Training

Training is essential in preventing occupational burns. Employers must train their workers on how to handle all objects that could burn them. They should also train them to protect themselves and follow company safety policies. 

  • Effective Communication

Effective communication is also necessary for preventing occupational burns. Employers need to communicate by labeling all equipment that can cause burns. They should label items with signs and colors that workers can easily associate with potential burn hazards.

  • Exercising Due Diligence

All employees must take personal initiatives to protect themselves against burns. They have to be cautious when handling hot liquids or dealing with hot surfaces in the workplace. Employees must also report any possible burn causes to the management for early prevention and intervention.

  • Adequate Protective Gear

Employers must equip all their workers with sufficient personal protective gear. They should provide them with eye protection, gloves, masks, helmets, and appropriate shoes when working in high-risk areas. Besides, employers must ensure that all high-risk work environments have enough supervision.

  • On-Site Emergency Preparedness 

On-site emergency preparedness is also essential for preventing workplace burn injuries. Employers must have at least two emergency exits in case a fire erupts.

Call Your Kansas Workers’ Compensation Attorney Today

Occupational burns injure thousands of American workers. Fortunately, they are preventable, and victims of burn injuries can enlist a Kansas workers’ compensation attorney from Pyle Law to help them get benefits for lost wages, medical treatment, and disability. Contact our office for a free consultation regarding your case.

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