Kansas Law and Car Accident Victim Compensation

By Pyle Law, Reviewed by E. THomas Pyle October 05 2020 5:12 pm

Kansas Law and Car Accident Victim Compensation

By Pyle Law, Reviewed by E. THomas Pyle October 05 2020 5:12 pm
Kansas Law and Car Accident Victim Compensation

Many car accident victims have the right to hold negligent parties liable for their injuries and losses. Laws vary from state to state, so it is imperative to have the help of a car accident attorney who understands Kansas law. 

When you get behind the wheel of your car, you take on the responsibility of driving safely, as well as the risk associated with the traffic all around you. The fact is that negligent drivers are out there, and they often cause very serious traffic accidents. If another motorist’s negligence leaves you injured in a car accident, consult with an experienced Kansas car accident attorney today.

Kansas Is a No-Fault Car Accident State 

The State of Kansas does things a bit differently than most other states when it comes to car accident insurance. Kansas’s no-fault car insurance approach requires all car insurance policies to include coverage that is known as personal injury protection (PIP). When a motorist is injured in a traffic accident – regardless of who is at fault – this PIP coverage is activated, and it pays for a specific portion of the injured party’s medical expenses and lost earnings. The motorist, therefore, doesn’t have to go about proving fault before obtaining compensation for his or her mounting medical bills and lost wages in the wake of an accident. 

When Another Motorist Is at Fault 

If you are injured by another motorist’s negligence in the State of Kansas, you can pursue coverage for your damages via the at-fault driver’s own car insurance policy, including the following categories of damage:

  • Medical Expenses – If you have been seriously injured as a result of another driver’s negligence, your medical expenses can extend from emergency care and transportation all the way through surgery, hospitalization, doctor visits and treatment, rehabilitation, and much more.
  • Lost Wages – A serious injury can keep you away from work for a considerable amount of time and can diminish your ability to earn into the future. Further, a catastrophic injury can leave you permanently unable to work. 
  • Pain and Suffering – The physical and emotional pain and suffering associated with violent car accidents tends to be significant – and the recovery process can be especially harrowing. 

In order to recover on your pain and suffering (or other non-economic damages) in Kansas, your injuries will need to meet at least one of the following thresholds:

  • Your injury requires medical treatment having a reasonable value of $2,000 or more.
  • Your injury consists in whole or in part of permanent disfigurement.
  • Your injury involves a fracture to a weightbearing bone, a compound, comminuted, displaced or compressed fracture.
  • Your injury involves a loss of a body member, permanent injury within reasonable medical probability, permanent loss of a bodily function or death. 

While the insurance company can put up considerable obstacles in its efforts not to cover your pain and suffering, the fact is that $2,000 in medical costs doesn’t go very far these days, and nearly any serious injury can qualify. 

Seek the Professional Legal Counsel of an Experienced Kansas Car Accident Attorney Today 

If a negligent motorist causes you to be injured in a car accident, the formidable car accident attorney at Pyle Law in Kansas has vast experience helping clients like you recover compensation that is up to the task of covering the full extent of their physical, financial, and emotional damages. Your case is important, so please don’t hesitate to contact us online or call us at 620-374-9299 for more information today.

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