The Most Common Type of Truck Accident

By Pyle Law, Reviewed by E. THomas Pyle May 17 2024 7:32 pm

The Most Common Type of Truck Accident

By Pyle Law, Reviewed by E. THomas Pyle May 17 2024 7:32 pm
The Most Common Type of Truck Accident

Trucks sheer size and weight often cause catastrophic accidents that result in severe bodily injury and property damage. The most common type of truck crash is a fatigued driver crash, which can involve a head-on collision, rear-end collision, and other types of severe accidents. Speeding is the second-most common factor in truck accidents. 


No matter the type of accident, a truck crash can result in devastating damage and injuries to others. Speak to a trusted Kansas truck accident attorney for legal advice on protecting your rights as an injury victim following a collision. Seeking the compensation you deserve can be more challenging than you might imagine, and legal representation can be invaluable.

Statistics of Truck Accidents in Kansas

In 2021, 3,791 trucks and buses were involved in traffic crashes in Kansas. Heavy and huge trucks were involved in 3,316 crashes, resulting in 81 deaths and 965 injuries. Distracted driving due to texting or talking on cell phones caused 619 motor vehicle crashes that resulted in the death of 10 people and 285 injuries.

What to Do if I’ve Been Injured in a Truck Accident?

The steps you take after sustaining an injury in a truck accident help protect your right to compensation. 


Here are crucial steps to take:


  • Protect Your Safety: Take precautions to avoid further injuries to yourself and others involved in the accident. For instance, move yourself and the vehicle to the side of the road if it’s safe


  • Get Medical Attention: Seek medical examination from a healthcare provider to rule out internal injuries whose symptoms are not immediately apparent after an accident. An examination creates medical records you can rely on to file an insurance claim.


  • Gather Accident-Related Information: This includes the driver’s personal details, images of the scene, contact details of the eye witness, and the other driver’s license plate.


  • Notify Your Insurance Provider: Despite the party responsible for accident-related losses, you should notify your insurer about the incident. Your insurer can pay for accident-related losses if the at-fault party’s coverage is insufficient or non-existent.

When Do You Need a Kansas Truck Accident Lawyer?

Before engaging with your insurer or at-fault party, consider speaking to an experienced truck accident attorney. An attorney brings numerous benefits to your case, including maximizing the settlement value.


A truck accident attorney can compile various evidence, including police reports, witness statements, and specialist reports, to demonstrate why you deserve a specific settlement value for your losses.

Injured in a Truck Accident? Get in Touch With an Experienced Kansas Truck Accident Attorney

Suppose you sustained a severe injury in a truck accident caused by someone else’s negligence, such as fatigued or distracted driving. In that case, you may have many costly losses, including medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering. You deserve compensation, and you need legal help.


An experienced truck accident attorney from Pyle Law can pursue a fair settlement value that covers your injury-related losses. Contact us online or at  620-241-9000 for a free consultation.

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