The Stadium Inspection Program and Personal Injuries

By Pyle Law, Reviewed by E. THomas Pyle January 27 2022 6:00 pm

The Stadium Inspection Program and Personal Injuries

By Pyle Law, Reviewed by E. THomas Pyle January 27 2022 6:00 pm
The Stadium Inspection Program and Personal Injuries

Stadium inspection program and security measures should minimize spectators’ injuries. When you decide to have an outing at a football game, the last thing that you expect is to be injured yourself. When you are injured at a football game outing, you could be entitled to damages for your injuries, including not only your associated medical expenses but also any lost wages or earnings potential that might stem from your injuries. 

One of the experienced personal injury attorneys from Pyle Law is standing by to answer any questions you might have, and if your case is a good fit with our firm, to provide you with top-notch legal representation every step of the process from your injury to complete compensation for your damages. 

Stadium Inspection Program and Security Measures 

When a stadium is not well-maintained, and you are injured because of a slip or fall, you are entitled to damages. While a common part of football stadium responsibility is linked to player health and safety, NFL teams have a responsibility to pass the NFL stadium inspection program

The field must be maintained in such a way as to minimize the injuries of players, and in the same way, other stadium areas must also be maintained so that it is safe for the spectators attending the game. Similarly, when you attend a college football game, the athletic association or associated university or college is responsible for maintaining a stadium that is free of safety hazards, including risks that might cause a slip and fallAnother issue that might lead to stadium liability is negligent security.

Stadiums know that people are riled up, often drinking alcohol, and might be cheering on opposing teams. This is the perfect storm for arguments to happen, which might escalate to assault and cause injuries. Stadiums should have security measures in place to protect patrons from assault, and when they do not, the stadium should be liable for any injuries that result. 

Some Stadium Accidents Can Entitle You to Damages 

When you are injured because another party was at fault, the law allows you to seek compensation for your losses. Knowing when you are entitled to damages can sometimes be difficult to determine, as it requires the application of the law and an analysis of the specific facts and circumstances of your accident and injury. Having an attorney assist you through the process will ensure that you are able to collect the fullest possible compensation for your injuries through a premises liability claim

Male security guard using portable radio outdoors

When you are injured because another party was at fault, the law allows you to seek compensation

When you are injured because of poor maintenance, negligent security, or a failure to warn you of risk, your personal injury attorney can help ensure that you collect full damages, including your medical bills, lost wages, and any lost earnings that your injury caused.

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If you have been injured at a football stadium, whether as a spectator or as a player, you might be entitled to damages for your injuries. Having an attorney on your side as soon as possible after you have received emergency medical attention for your injuries will ensure that you receive the fullest compensation possible. Reach out to Pyle Law to schedule a consultation to discuss options for your case today.

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