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Speeding Can Result in Serious Crashes
By Pyle Law, February 11 2020 5:32 pm
Speeding Can Result in Serious Crashes

You recognize that speeding is dangerous, but you may not recognize exactly how dangerous it can be – and how prevalent that danger is. Many drivers engage in dangerous speeding, and the fact is that excessive speeding is closely associated with many of the most dangerous accidents on our roadways. If a speeding motorist leaves you injured, consult with an experienced Kansas car accident attorney today.

Speeding: The Statistics

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) shares that speeding contributes to about a third of all traffic fatalities. Motorists who speed not only jeopardize their own lives but also endanger everyone else in their midst. Speed limits are set for a very important reason, and that is to help keep our highways and byways safer for everyone who travels on them. When motorists speed, they do more than simply break the law, including:

  • They increase the risk of losing control of their vehicles and causing serious accidents.
  • They reduce the effectiveness of the occupant-protection equipment in their vehicles.
  • They increase their stopping distances when they are required to stop suddenly.
  • They increase the severity of any accident that does ensue.

NHTSA views excessive speeding as a form of aggressive driving that puts everyone at risk.

Kansas Drivers Who Speed Increase the Risk of Serious Traffic Accidents

Drivers who speed increase the risk that a traffic accident will happen in the first place. And it’s important to point out that speeding is relative. If one’s speed is excessive for the condition of the road or for the weather’s effects on the road, it’s dangerous – regardless of whether it is significantly below the posted speed limit. Motorists are responsible for adjusting their driving to accommodate for the conditions present.

Speeding: There Is No Excuse

We are all in a hurry, and we all become frustrated by traffic from time to time, but that’s no excuse to speed. Too many drivers are all too eager to come up with excuses for why they speed, but no excuse is sufficient to account for the danger associated with the practice of speeding. Many drivers discount their speeding by blaming heavy traffic, tight schedules, and/or the anonymity they feel behind the wheel, but these are nothing but empty excuses that only serve to make our roadways more dangerous. Speed limits are posted for a reason – to guide the safe flow of traffic on our roads – and drivers who fail to adhere to these legal limits unnecessarily endanger all of us.

If a Speeding Driver Leaves You Injured, an Experienced Kansas Car Accident Attorney Can Help 

It is established that speed kills, and if another driver’s excessive speed leaves you injured, you need professional legal counsel. Tom Pyle at Pyle Law in McPherson, Kansas, is a formidable car accident attorney who is committed to aggressively advocating for your case’s most positive outcome. Your rights matter too much not to contact us online or call us at (888) 381-1155 for more information today.


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