Should You Settle Your Workers’ Comp Claim?

By Pyle Law, Reviewed by E. THomas Pyle September 30 2020 6:06 pm

Should You Settle Your Workers’ Comp Claim?

By Pyle Law, Reviewed by E. THomas Pyle September 30 2020 6:06 pm
Should You Settle Your Workers’ Comp Claim?

Some workers’ compensation claims end with a settlement offer, though you should not simply accept the first offer made by the insurance company. Instead, have a trusted workers’ comp attorney review your situation to see if an offer is adequate.

If you have been seriously injured on the job, you face a difficult road toward recovery ahead. The best way to ensure your most complete recovery is by obtaining compensation that covers your full range of damages. While that’s what workers’ compensation insurance is designed to do, it’s important to recognize that these insurance companies – just like all other insurance companies – are in the business of making money, and this often translates to pressing early and inadequate settlement offers on claimants like you. Working closely with an experienced Kansas workers’ compensation attorney is the surest path forward toward an optimal case resolution.

After Your Work Injury

If you’ve been injured at work, there are three specific steps that you should take first and foremost, including:

  • Obtain the medical care and attention you need to help protect your health and your claim
  • Report your injury to your employer and/or supervisor
  • Consult with an experienced Kansas workers’ comp attorney

Once you’ve accomplished these three tasks, you can rest easier with the knowledge that you are well on your way to defending your rights and to procuring the compensation to which you are entitled. 

The Settlement Offer 

The fact is that your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance provider may offer a speedy settlement offer, but you are ill-advised to accept it without carefully going over the specifics with your workers’ comp attorney. Until your injuries have been resolved – or carefully considered in relation to probable outcomes and related potential health concerns in your future – accepting a settlement offer can leave you with far less than you need to reach your optimal recovery. Serious injuries can lead to serious secondary health concerns and a decreased earning potential into your future that must be adequately addressed before accepting compensation in the form of a settlement, which curtails your right to pursue more adequate coverage at a later date.  

How a Workers’ Compensation Attorney Can Help

Your workers’ compensation attorney and legal team will carefully attend to the specifics of your case in order to help ensure all of the following:

  • That any antics engaged in by the workers’ compensation insurance company aren’t allowed to thwart or diminish your claim
  • That all appropriate medical records and other relevant evidence are compiled in substantiation of your claim
  • That the benefit rates for the injuries you’ve sustained are accurately calculated 

Workers’ compensation claims can quickly become complicated and mired in ambiguity, but a skilled workers’ comp attorney has the tools to help ensure that your claim stays the course and is favorably resolved. 

You Need an Experienced Kansas Car Workers’ Compensation Attorney on Your Side 

If your job leaves you injured, it’s time to consult with the dedicated workers’ compensation attorney at Pyle Law in Kansas. We are well versed in guiding claims like yours toward resolutions that support their claimants’ rights and rightful compensation. We care about your case, so please don’t hesitate to contact us online or call us at 620-374-9299 for more information today.

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